Walnut Blight Calculator

The Walnut Blight Calculator will keep track of a Walnut Blight cumulative risk index for any given walnut orchard. To begin, add an orchard to track by entering a name or an ID for the orchard and the weather station that will be used to associate the risk index. Add as many orchards as you would like to track. You may also want to enter the same orchard and track it against neighboring weather stations.

For each orchard select the date of "susceptible tissue emergence" by clicking the terminal bud break box, calculations will begin from this date forward. Bloom Dates are highlighted in green.

For the day you sprayed the orchard put a check in the check box next to Spray, this will zero out your cumulative index for the following seven days (time efficacy of spray material). Effective spray days are highlighted in yellow. After the seven day period your cumulative index will begin recalculating starting with the eighth day's daily index value.

The Seasonal index begins calculating from the date of "terminal bud break" you select and continues through the season.

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